If you have ever tried configuring a Microsoft Teams Room account with a Direct Routing phone number and an Online Voice Routing Policy, you would most likely have encountered the error that I’m about to mention in this article.

Firstly, the Exchange Room Mailbox. I won’t go into too much details here because it has been well documented by Microsoft. But, in short, the Teams Room account will need to start its life as an Exchange Room Mailbox.

Microsoft doc and guide are available here.

Once you have the Exchange Room Mailbox ready, you will need to give it the appropriate license (e.g. Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard). Next, it is only natural to proceed and enable it as a Teams Room. *Hint: Error is coming…

The normal procedure you’d expect would be:

  1. Get the Registrar Pool info
  2. Enable the account as a Teams Room account

Next, you would try putting the Direct Routing phone number on the Room Account.

And this is where you’d see an error that says:

Unable to Set “LineURI”. This parameter is restricted within Remote Tenant PowerShell.

In order to fix this, and give the Room account a Direct Routing phone number + Online Voice Routing Policy, we’d need to undo some of our steps.

  1. Disable the account as a Teams Room account
  2. Remove the license from the account. Give it a few minutes, and put it back on.
  3. Configure the account as a normal user account for Direct Routing.
  4. Convert the account into a Teams Room account by repeating the initial steps


I hope that could make your lives a little bit easier and save some head scratching.

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