[Ignite 2020] Upcoming Calling Features in Teams

A few very welcome addtions to Teams calling capability have been announced at Microsoft Ignite 2020. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Modern Calls app

Straight to the very core – the Calls app in Teams client gets an major upgrade. The biggest change in the new Calls app is that now an amalgamated view of call history and voicemail takes centre stage, with the speed dials on the side.

The call history window is seachable and can be filtered.

The new Calls app allow you to dial both by phone number and by name (which the current Calls app isn’t able to do), AND a mixture of number(s) and name(s) for a group call.

Another addition is somthing I think was inspired by the good old Skype for Business client – a little menu at the bottom to act as shortcuts to call forwarding, call group and audio device settings. You can still change these setting in the old place by going to Profile photo\Settings.

The new Calls app is still in internal beta at the moment but will be rolling out later.

Collaborative Calling

This is a new and improved experience for users who are part of call queues. The new canvas allow agents to be able to better collaborate with their peers and their managers.

First of all, you can now create a call queue from a channel.

Once created, the channel will gain a new Calls tab, as well as a dial pad, option for the agent to opt in/out of the queue and queue status of other agents.

Once the agent is connected to the call, the agents can use the Posts tab to collaborate in real time.

AA/CQ Enhancements

A couple of eye-catching enhancements are coming to Auto Attendant and Call Queues.

Phone System Enhancements

Some behind-the-scene enhancements are also coming to Phone System.

For more information, please watch the actual Ignite video presentation here: http://aka.ms/OD265 .

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